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We simplify the complexity of big data analytics and build models that make data-driven decisions in minutes, not months. We provide specialized technical know-how and tools to model, integrate, cleanse, prepare, analyze and visualize big data. HORAIZON has developed a portfolio of state-of-the-art machine learning techniques that allow highly efficient, parallelized analysis of the data in cloud environment and visualisation of the results.

Deep Learning

We use state-of-the-art Deep Learning techniques to help to make sense of data such as images, sound, and text. These algorithms, inspired by biological neural networks, allow building highly predictive models for structured and heterogeneous data.

Multi-View Methods

Our custom made algorithms, based on kernel methods framework, allow modelling and analysis of non-linear interactions in the data. These methods are fully optimized for large scale computations on thousands of processors.

Sparsity Inducing Algorithms

Our sparse models are a particularly useful in many applications where the main objective is to discover predictive patterns in data for enhancing our understanding of underlying biological processes, beyond just building accurate 'black-box' predictors.

Bayesian Modeling

To faithfully represent uncertainty in the model structure and parameters, and noise in the data, we rely on Bayesian modeling techniques. These methods are particularly suitable when domain knowledge about the problem at hand is available.

Predictive Models in Your Hand

Our models are built to scale to the largest and diverse data sets while delivering the best predictive model accuracy. The result? Deep analytic insights and the ability identify high-value patterns, make recommendations and forecast future events.

Analyse all you data. Smarter and Faster.

You have a lot of data, in lots of different formats, in lots of different locations. Some of it is in the cloud, some of it is in various legacy databases, some of it is in spreadsheets on your desktop. You’ve got big data. You would like to analyze and gain business insights from it. That’s where HORAIZON comes in. HORAIZON solutions help integrating, analyzing and getting insight from all your data. Smarter and faster.

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Cloud based data analysis

Performance is the key to unlocking the potential of unlimited data. If you are collecting large amounts of data, our methodology help you to tap into its potential. Our algorithms are optimized to use various large scale, high-performance frameworks, such as Hadoop. Our cloud based facilities allow conducting parallel computations on thousands of processors simultaneously.


Data-driven decisions are only as good as the models you build. HORAIZON models for your data will be more predictive. In case 1% increase in model accuracy may lead to significant revenue and cost savings - imagine the results of a 5% or 10% improvement!

Learn more about DeepBiomics platform

From developing personalised treatment strategies to solving complex business problems, we believe that the world's most challenging issues can be solved with data. Get in touch with us to discover how our predictive models can add value to your business.

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